Bouchercon 2014 Murder on the Beach

Earlier in November I traveled to Long Beach California for Bouchercon the annual convention of the mystery community: readers, writers, editors, publishers, librarians and, most especially, friends. As always I had a grand time because I got to visit with many friends that I rarely see.

I was delighted to moderate the panel entitled The Long and the Short of It—writing novels and short fiction. Panel members included Dana Cameron, Jeffrey Deaver, Brendan DuBois, Leigh Perry (aka Toni Kelner) and Simon Wood. With such a talented group, the conversation was lively and informative. There I am smiling down at the end of the table.


I also was a panelist on A Strange Mixture. We talked about amateur sleuths who have real careers and then, oops, murder gets in the way. Moderator Clare Toohey kept us on target and I enjoyed sharing the panel with Susan Shea, Tracy Weber, Don Passman and Beverly Allen (aka Barbara Early.) As you can see, it’s my turn at the mic.

Panel bcon14


And I totally enjoyed the Major Crimes Panel. The multi-talented Deb Lacy arranged for some of the writers and cast of the fabulous television show Major Crimes to talk about how the germ of a story idea becomes a gripping drama. Fascinating.


Next year, Bouchercon will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 8th to 15th. I can hardly wait.

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